Can We Choose What We Believe?

Radio, Internet, TV, and magazines. It´s easy to get information and news, but what do you believe in? Restlessminds (SE) want to question what information we choose when we create our beliefs.

Restlessminds is the artist team Fabian Olovson and Emily Al-Ghussein. Both hold Masters in Fine Art degrees in Sculpture Department (2014) from the University of the Arts Helsinki. They have collaborated since 2004, and have exhibited in different locations around Europe. They currently live and work in Stockholm. In collaboration they are on a quest to be convinced by alternative/imaginary cultures and create objects.

Sorbus interviewed Restlessminds in March 2015 via email.


SORBUS: What does the exhibition consist of? What materials have you used?

RESTLESSMINDS: First we chose four subjects that we are interested in. From the research material we made four different video works (100 % internet material) and four sculptures, inspired by each of these subject. For the sculptures we used plaster, wood, styrofoam, fabric, paint and pencil. When you enter through the Sorbus door you will enter new perspectives of our existence on earth now, through history and into the future.

S: What does Restlessminds choose to believe in?

RM: We do not think that a belief can be verbalized, it’s all about devotion. Human beings are not able to choose what to believe in. What we believe in is to believe, and to have compassion for others beliefs. We believe in: Elves, Moomin, dragons, that animals need to party sometimes, mermaids, The Alien Races Russian Secret Book, Tesla, and USOs (unidentified sea objects). We don’t care if sources are reliable or not, that doesn’t interest us.

S: What inspired you to work with this theme?

RM: Different sources have inspired us, the latest one was the MUFON* meeting in Pennsylvania.

S: You have been collaborating over 10 years now but both of you do art also on your own. How do these two working processes differ from each other?

RM: Work It, Make It, Do It, Makes Us, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, MoreThan, Hour, Our, Never, Ever, After, Work is Over


*The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is an organization that investigates cases of reported UFO sightings.


Restlessminds – Can We Choose What We Believe?

Radio, Internet, TV ja sanomalehdet. Mihin sinä päätät uskoa meitä ympäröivässä informaatiotulvassa? Restlessminds (SE) haluaa kyseenalaistaa millaista informaatiota valitsemme kun muodostamme kuvaa todellisuudestamme.

Vuonna 2004 perustetun Restlessmindsin muodostavat ruotsalaiset taiteilijat Fabian Olovson ja Emily Al-Ghussein. He valmistuivat Kuvataideakatemian kuvanveiston osastolta 2014, ja asuvat ja työskentelevät tällä hetkellä Tukholmassa. Restlessmindsin luomat objektit syntyvät uskosta ja halusta uskoa vaihtoehtoisiin ja kuvitteellisiin kulttuureihin.

Sorbus haastatteli Restlessmindsia marraskuussa 2015, haastattelu luettavissa englanninkieliseltä liitteeltä.