Viktor Fordell
Inmost Light

“It is said that everyone of us have a double. A mirrored image upside-down, following our footsteps on the other side of the ground. At dead of night one can seldom tell which one is leading and which one walks behind.”

The idea of a mirrored world beneath our feet is a widespread belief. Though diverse as the depictions of this place might be, a recurring image is that of “the reflection of a forest in a lake at dusk.” Although some information of the route there can be gathered, most of those who end up there seem to have arrived by chance. An often mentioned way in is by “walking backwards round a forest lake at midnight. Round and round until the trees reach down from root to crown.” A common depiction of the way inside is as an “inwards spiralling, single path leading down into earth,” circling a tree. Walks such as these are usually completed with the wanderer falling into the lake.

The mirrored world is claimed to have inhabitants of its own, but their nature is much disputed. It is told that among these creatures “no one looks familiar, yet no one seems a stranger.” Many regard these as the dead and therefore hold their world to be the “hereafter.” This assumption is supported by testimonies such as “the dead never turn away from the living, always walking backwards into the otherworld.”

As is common with places rumoured difficult to find and perilous to reach, this inner world is said to hold great rewards for those who venture there. Stories of hollow hills filled with immeasurable treasures are commonplace, though many promise rewards of a less material nature. Mentions of “unearthly singing,” structures of “godlike geometry” and experiences of “limitless communion” tend to stick out. Statements about a “beauty so blinding it could never be described” are typical. Convincing as they may be, details such as these seldom convey any applicable knowledge. They mostly keep you awake at night.

– Text by Jonatan Ahlm Brenander

* * *

Viktor Fordell lives and works in Stockholm. He has BFA from Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Most recently his work has been shown in exhibitions, including: When I First Came to Town at Platform (Stockholm), Memory at Loyal Gallery (Stockholm), Friends In Need at Carl Kostyál (Stockholm), Grade /// Separations at  Belenius (Stockholm) and he took part in New Scenarios Body Holes project.


Viktor Fordell – Inmost Light

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Viktor Fordell on valmistunut kuvataiteen kandidaatiksi Tukholman taideteollisesta korkeakoulusta Konstfackista. Hän on ollut mukana muun muassa seuraavissa näyttelyissä: When I First Came to Town (Platform, Tukholma), Memory (Loyal Gallery, Tukholma), Friends In Need (Carl Kostyál, Tukholma), Grade /// Separations (Belenius, Tukholma) sekä Body Holes (New Scenario, Berliinin 9. biennaali).