Olimpia Splendid


Olimpia Splendid is about endless loops, hypnotic bass and sort-of-tune guitar noise, whispering, unruliness, skrikes. Olimpia Splendid is rumoured to be “best stoner shit” and also “a little bit famous”.

Uptempo rattle of no-note guitar licks and no-brain bass riffs that kicks and jerks like a barracuda on a bait line. Most enticing of all is the feeling these riffs could endlessly spiral on and fill many hours of barbed and beautiful releases yet to come.” – The Wire

The effect is harsh enough that it would likely make Michael Gira pull his cowboy hat over his head in fear.” – Chris Collins

at 19.00 | Ticket 5€


Päättymättömiä luuppeja, hypnoosibassoa ja vire sinnepäin -kitararökitystä, kuiskailua, kurittomuutta, huudahduksia ja roskiksesta kantautuvaa pauhua. Jonnan, Katrin ja Hetan trio on huhujen mukaan “best stoner shit” ja myös “hiukan maailmankuulu.”

19–20 | Lippu 5 €